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How Can Twitter Help You and Your Business?

Twitter offers enormous marketing potential for most businesses. Its core advantage is that it is concise and gets news and ideas across with maximum speed. For users with brief attention spans, who may navigate away at any moment, Twitter can be a very attractive source of information.

Politicians use Twitter as a campaigning strategy, friends use Twitter to instantly and quickly connect. Over 50% of households use the Internet on a very regular basis. A tweet gives insight to, and helps users to form a more personal connection with, a brand or company. In fact, according to Twitter Levi's has a staff member purely in charge of the entire tweeting process!

Some people on twitter limits their following list so they can just talk with there friends which is fine, but others like the idea of people following them, because the more followers you have the more popular you look. People will follow you after you begin following them, what is known as social collateral. In plain terms if you follow someone, they will follow you back 90% of the time, there's still 10% of people on twitter that won't return the favor.

Alexa is a specialized website that analyzes web traffic from the top 1000 websites around the world, And their statistics implies that twitter has become one of most visited websites in the world. In fact its become so popular and addicting that that it gained the CEO of Microsoft's appeal and attention.

Twitter has a staggering growth of 1,382%,and 6 million unique monthly visitors and 55 million monthly visits twitter i most definitely a site you would want business to thrive on. Twitter seems to have climbed to the top mostly by celebrities and television ratings. Even fortune 500 companies are taking advantage of what twitter has to offer and what its communication tools can do to inform their customers about new products and services immediately.

Twitter Can Help Your Business

Feedback is extremely valuable. You can use Twitter as a tool to measure how successfully your company is meeting the needs of your customers. If you receive complaints or compliments through Twitter take it on board. You could set up a rewards program or competitions to draw users through Twitter to your website. This method, if implemented correctly, can have extremely effective results.

Adapt your approach depending on the responses you are receiving through your social media avenues. If something is not working then change it and change it fast, before you lose your following. Twitter is a wonderful source of thriving and constantly changing information. Twitter can be used to create and share ideas with others and form strong business connections.

Twitter Helps Budget Minded Entrepreneurs!

Using Twitter to expand your reach and build your brand is a cinch, but there is a catch. Don't just sign up and start spamming other users with messages about what you sell. You need to create a community first. Do not use Twitter only to sell something.

It is important to communicate honestly and understand the people with whom you are connecting. Do not be scared to put personal messages out there too.

Think of it as a cocktail party, like you are joining a bunch of people talking about something, Twitter lets you network with like-minded people and promote yourself, but it is not about a hard sell at all.

Because Twitter will probably function more as a supplement to the marketing of your business, I recommend having a blog to which you can drive traffic to.


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